Sunday, March 2, 2014

Should the NBA Playoffs Change?

Remember when each series in the NBA playoffs was 7 games long and people were tired of watching all of that basketball over a 2 month period during the postseason? Well, it appears that the NBA could be experiencing some major changes. As it was reported by analysts, the new commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, is considering the possibility of changing how the NBA playoffs are currently structured. According to analysts, Silver wants to have the NBA playoffs become single round eliminations just as teams experience in the NCAA Basketball tournament.

While I think that the NBA playoffs are currently too long and that the format needs to be changed, I think that the single round elimination idea is a stretch. The NBA is not like the NFL. In the NFL, teams need an entire week to prepare to play a professional game. In the NBA, however, teams only need a minimum of 2 days to prepare for a game. One game does not determine how good an NBA team is over the long run. NBA teams need to play a series to prove that one game was not a fluke win. It would be too sudden for NBA teams to be eliminated in just one game.

Therefore, I think that the NBA should change their playoff format in this regard. First, the conference quarterfinals should be a best of 5 series. Second, the conference semifinals should be a best of 5 series. Thirdly, the Conference Finals should be a 7 game series. And finally, the NBA Finals should be a 7 game series. The NBA should focus less on making their playoffs like the NCAA and focus more on making it just like Major League Baseball, which has a 5 game series for the divisional series, a 7 game series for the championship series, and a 7 game series for the World Series.

The NBA playoffs will be shortened if the league eliminates 4 postseason games. Since the NBA should take them away from the first two rounds, teams should become more competitive knowing that they will not have as many opportunities to win the series. We will see if the NBA changes its playoff system in the future.


  1. The NBA playoffs are too long and they tend to get boring after the 2nd round. Once the 2nd round begins, fans are like, "all right already. Get to the Finals slowpokes. Major League Baseball has gotten the series playoffs right. 5 in one round, 7 in another, and 7 in the final one. Mikerophone, this is yet another great idea that you have pitched for the NBA. Fans will get what they want, a shorter postseason, and competition will increase since they know that there will not be as many games as there were during the 7 game series. Teams will not tank one game just to get to another. This will shorten the postseason by at least three weeks.

  2. Yeah, kind of agree with not making it an NCAA format. 7 games in first round agreed is too many. Go back to playoff system of 13 years ago (5, 7, 7, 7), I thought that was pretty good. 5 games in 2nd round wouldn't bother me either. Baseball however I wouldn't mind doing a 7 game series in first round because teams are a lot more evenly matched and takes bigger sample size to determine best team

  3. Pardon the Interruption. But apparently someone named Mystery One left me off the guest list. I was scouring the web for new blogs to look at and I think that this one would be perfect. This blogger appears to actually know what he is talking about when he blogs about sports. As for the NBA playoffs, they are way too long. Make them shorter so that I do not have to watch so much basketball for 2 months before the Finals even begin.